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Buying Guide

Hey Moms! You know bunk beds are an economically sound investment, a practical solution to space constraints, blah, blah, blah. Try telling this to your kids. To them Bunk Beds are just FUN! Bunk beds are an adventure, a magical realm where only kids can play. Want to know something else? Your kid wants a bunk bed now!

Okay. So you made the decision to buy a bunk bed, convincing yourself the only reason you’re buying it, is because your family has expanded while your bedrooms haven’t. We know better. It’s all about your kids, but shh… we won’t tell. But how to choose… Read on and we’ll help you along the road of bunk bed land.

Choosing a fort, or castle (ahem… bunk bed) is all about the 3 S’s – Style, Size, and Safety!
Are you wondering what the difference is between a bunk bed, a loft bed, and a futon bed? Read carefully because this is where you might actually have a say in the decision. Most kids don’t care as long as their bed is anything but that dismal old kind on four simple legs. And if you can afford one in the shape of a pirate ship, a medieval castle or even an elephant… they sure won’t see anything beyond that.

Enough said… it’s time to get down to business.
Bunk Beds
Bunk Beds are like traditional beds, just one bed on top of the other.
Loft Beds
A loft bed is a bed way up high, suspended over an open space or another bed perpendicular to it. Now this style bed has way many possibilities. In that open space you can have shelves, a dresser or even a desk. You might actually save some space.
Futons are like regular bunks, only in the futons case, the bottom bunk has a couch like futon instead of a mattress. This is a great idea when the bunk bed is for only one kid. They can cozy up with a good book (or homework). Best of all futons do convert to a regular style mattress when the slumber parties begin.
Measure, measure and measure some more. Not all bunk beds are right for every room so make sure you’re careful when you choose. Some bunk beds and especially loft beds can be very big. You need to be sure it won’t look cumbersome and gargantuan in the room. Secondly, the overall height is a very significant consideration. Some bunks stand more than 6 feet tall which will lead to many bumps and bruises if your ceiling isn’t much more than 7 feet. You should have at least 2 feet of space between the top bunk and the ceiling.
Bunk beds are great! (Just ask any kid in the schoolyard.) However, the elevated design does come along with an element of risk and being careful with safety measures is essential.  
1. The top bunk should have a guardrail on both sides. Do not assume that placing the bed against the wall is enough and you don’t need a rail on that side. You don’t want your kid to be the one to take a spill.
2. Do not use a mattress that exceeds the manufactures recommendations for thickness. In order for the rails to do their part, they must reach 5 inches above the top of the mattress.
3. Inspect the ladder! Be certain that the ladder secures to the top bunk portion of the bed frame and won't dislodge when your child climbs up or down.
Don’t despair. If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, know that all bunk beds on “Goodnight Bunk beds” meet and exceed CPSC regulations. “Goodnight Bunk Beds” has one motto – The best of the best!
Last but not least, choose the bed that makes your kids happy. Let them ogle the choices, deliberate the differences and find the one that fulfills their wildest dreams. After all, they’re the ones that convinced you to buy a bunk in the first place.
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